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Selling, how hard it could be..

Never thought, for years together, that I would get a freebie on buying a research report.

But now even that’s possible, a leading research firm based out of Hampshire (UK) is giving away a complimentary new iPod Nano with every order priced at £1700 and above throughout December.

The mailer ends with a note;

This is the perfect way for us to say thank you for a great year and we look forward to seeing you in 2009!

Now, what to read here – especially at the end of the sentence (we look forward to seeing you in 2009!)

I am sure almost everyone who got this mailer from the firm are almost destined to see 2009 coming. Wondering if the person, who has sent this mailer, is doubting about himself. No, I mean purely in economic sense – maybe the way the company is out to sell its research with a complementary iPod Nano

You can’t deny that this is what should be attributed as ‘interesting times’.nano


!! INTERESTING !! Do Voters Appreciate Responsive Governments?

Do Voters Appreciate Responsive Governments? Evidence from Indian Disaster Relief


I came across this interesting Working Paper on Harvard Business School website. Here goes the Executive Summary;

In a functioning democracy, politicians’ ability to win reelection declines when they perform poorly. This idea fits well with models of political accountability. Recent evidence suggests, however, that voters may punish politicians even for events outside their control. This behavior may violate standard models of democratic accountability, and has been advanced as evidence of voter irrationality. This paper uses detailed weather, electoral, and relief data to identify the relationship between government responsiveness to an emergency and electoral decisions. Specifically, the authors look at the decisions that Indian voters made in provincial elections, using the intensity of the monsoon rains as an exogenous shock to welfare. They find that voters, on average, punish incumbent politicians for being in office during weather events beyond their control. However, the degree of voter punishment is reduced somewhat when the government responds more vigorously to the crisis. Key concepts include:

  • Voters do a better job of holding governments accountable during these emergencies.
  • Voters punish politicians following adverse weather events, but the degree of punishment depends critically on the quality of the ruling party’s response: Those distributing greater amounts of relief aid suffer smaller subsequent electoral losses.

Though, this paper is based on Weather Events – which certainly beyond anyone’s control (including Politicians). The interesting cross understanding is relevant currently – owing to the terror attacks (repeated in the last few months). While one could say that these are beyond politicians control – but are they really so ? We are sitting ducks, simply because we elect and select a whole platoon of impotent idiots who have only two banks in their minds – one is VOTE BANK, and the other – no one’s guess can go wrong.

So, lets punish the immediate culprits who have repeatedly failed to punish terrorists on consecutive occasions.

The working paper is available here.


Patience Burning

Patience Burning

Yes, that was a wake-up call for all of us. I mean, not just Indians but all those who believe that terrorism is a unpardonable offence. Though our dear neighbors proclaim the same, but then we know what they are and how reliable their tall claims have been in the past – recent and distant.

I have nothing personal against A particular religion, I mean Islam. I believe in God for the sake of my family’s happiness. Personally, I feel that you have to take a call on whats good and whats not. Something that will hurt others is not good, we learnt in our childhood. So I believe in Karma.This morning, I saw on a news channel that Mumbai’s Muslims have wrote a letter to the State administration. They object the cremation of the alleged terrorists, gunned down by the armed forces, in any of the Muslim cremation grounds here.

So, I presume that, one section of the society has already responded to the wake-up call. And now it is the turn of all those who have not yet made up our mind to fight terrorism. And also all these politicians too, who are notorious of being soft on certain issues – especially when elections are looming on their head.

Lets unite, fight the menaces simultaneously – the political terrorism and the insurgent terrorism. We are fortunately a few months away from making a difference. Hope, we make a LARGE DIFFERENCE soon. 

With these pack of jokers (politicians) how can we fight terrorists? The average age of the terrorists was around 22-24 years – young blood. While the average age of our politicians is 65 years (plus). Come on, they need a break, they have already over worked for no good of the nation. When the government notified age for retirement is 58 (or 60) years, why do we have senior citizens there. At most they should be allowed access to the garden besides the parliament.

Change the way you look and the world will change. But think – try – do, else we would be in a catch 22 situation. Either we would not be there to tell our future generation what wrong we did to the nation – OR – our future generation would not be there. They way terrorists zero on soft targets, would we be surprised if a hotel is replaced by a hospital (already saw a trailer) and a cinema hall is replaced by a school or a garden.

They (both, terrorists and politicians) take us for granted because we take ourselves for granted and let them too.

You disagree? I can prove you wrong.

How dare a Deputy Chief Minister say, “itney badey sheher mein ek haadsa ho jata hai” (in such a big city one incident can happen). Of course, one reason, he has not lost his near and dear ones. And then it takes 2 days for him to resign his post – taking moral responsibility.

Morals and value !!! Do you think they ever have them??  I feel that ethics, morals, empathy and character are the ‘absolute have-nots’ to enter politics. If there are exceptions, please come out – one billion plus people are desperately seeking a leader.

No Obama visible in India, who can be a change agent.